Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Cups of Tea

When I had my last operation 3 years ago. I waited 6 weeks, 6 weeks all over the summer as the tumour in my stomach got bigger and bigger. The amount of tea friends and family got through as we sat around the kitchen table waiting for the operation was phenomenal. 
This time I am continuing work, as I'm self employed I can do so. I also don't have anyone to tell me I have to produce a sick note all the time in order to get paid. The fact of the matter is - I just don't get paid - but hey ho you can't have everything. Good points are as I work within the wedding industry - things quieten down this time of year anyway. Also as a great plus point I look normal. (?) No large stomach and questions about when its due.
Bad points are - no I don't get paid, and I have to ensure I am fit for work as soon as. Hence I have already booked in work leading up to next Autumn. So in my mind, wig, false eyelashes and lovely drawn on eyebrows and just like now - nobody will know I have cancer.
However, I am under no illusions that it will be easy, so for the sake of bad days. Which I won't have a clue about. I have decided that I will sit with the cat and catch up on all the thriller books I have tucked away upstairs, watch catch up TV, feel sorry for myself and drink tea.
When I was in pain after my last operation, waiting to heal. I still managed to put my make up on and look good - even if I didn't see anyone all day. So whether I feel sorry for myself or not - I will still be wearing lipstick, and when I go bald I will ensure I have a great hat or scarf sitting by the front door in case someone pops in and joins me for a cup of tea. After all not only was I was raised to coordinate, I was raised to always make the tea. My daughter is the same.

For those of you that have been following my blog you'll be pleased to know that I have done quite a bit of Christmas shopping and sorted out a few bits and pieces that were floating round my head. I've not ruled out going out for dinner Christmas Day, think I still have a bit of time to sort that one - I have asked the kids and either way they are fine. Andrew not so keen - after all he'll probably be paying!
So what with that and booking in a last minute book club with the girls. My next move is to make sure my roots aren't grey when I go in for the operation! Imagine the plastic surgeon looking at nicely painted toes and finger nails, threaded eyebrows. plucked and waxed bits and bobs and grey roots!  He would be horrified. Especially as he wears nice hand made suits. I wouldn't want to let the side down.

Yesterday, I went out to buy a sports bra, hmmm not happy they don't come with lace.  I've also been told that my PJ's have to be buttoned , so that they can open up as I won't be able to lift up my arm. Buttoned up PJ's seriously? Oh well as long as they coordinate I suppose that's the main thing. Also it will give my visitors something to laugh at whilst they drink their vending machine tea.

Now to fake tan beforehand or not........................

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