Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Isn't it ironic - don't ya think!

Today I got to thinking that after hearing  " Isn't it ironic" twice in one day, that I wonder why God doesn't share luck out fairly? Or in fact why he gives bad luck to some more than others? As I was working at the office today,  I mentioned this to Kim, she looked me in the eye and said what I would have said " Because you're strong and you can take it" Don't get me wrong I could sink into a pity party here, but I think I'm going to need a few of those on other days in the future.  Even so, certain thoughts run through my mind -such as -  how much stronger do I have to fucking be? Not that I would wish this on my worst enemy  but come on, if there is a god, is this some sort of test and have I still not bloody well passed? Am I going to have a wonderful rich life when I'm older? Or is this some sort of leveller after marrying a great man, and this is Gods way of saying - you've had a bit too much good luck Wendie, and to be fair we've got to chuck you a couple of major catastrophics to make up for it? I hope there is a God, because when it is finally my time - we will be having words.....

Yesterday, I joined the "official cancer club" I phone Macmillan and registered myself as a cancer sufferer. Makes a change that I didn't have to pay a subscription, normally when I register for anything these days - as I'm self employed there is always someone who is ready to take your money. Having said that, I have got a blinder of an excuse now. Let me give you an example, this week alone I have had, Yell, Facebook and Thompson Local call me on the business line. Normal spill happens when they rattle on about their fantastic offers and don't let you get a word in edgeways to say no. I usually carry on working, or if I'm at home I sort the whites from the colours and load the washing machine as well as sticking the kettle on. I've been know to watch a whole episode of " Homes under the Hammer" and eat my lunch on one occasion with Thompson Local.  Any how, now I just blurt out very loudly " Can I just stop you there I have just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I can't commit to anything at the moment" This is then followed by a mumbled apology and a CLICK BURRRRRR as the phone goes down. It's brilliant I recommend anyone who is close to me to use it. Hubby to N Power, Daughter to PPL. So if anyone out there wants to use the breast cancer card and use me as an excuse of not shedding out loads of money - please do.

Finally, I spoke to Rachel yesterday and told her my decision that I wanted to have the mastectomy  and reconstruction done all in one go. So now the letter is on its way out to me to confirm the date and time etc. This should arrive the day before the operation as the NHS tend to use Timbucktoo postage. Anyhow, after visiting Holland and Barrett, and Boots and asking about an alternative to HRT ( I've had to come off it) Primrose oil seems to be the only thing I can take as the hot flushes and night sweats are taking hold. So when I asked Rachel whether I could take anything, she basically told me that I have to get on with it until after my treatment. So when I've finished writing this post I'm going to just pop my head in the fridge again for 10 minutes or so.


  1. If you can take it, it's not a drug.....Try Arkopharma Phyto Soya Double capsules Strength Wendy? after an hysterical rectum at 31 ... ;) (my brothers words) i started with the flushes/ moods at about 38 but it was poo pooed by doctor and eventually after deciding i wasn't a hypochondriac, I saw a different doc (6? Yrs later) i was diagnosed as 'in the change' the last ovary had shut down ... er.. yes I knew that , i was having the 1000 a day hot flushes and had for yrs. I did go on off hrt etc at about 45 but because of family history came off it after a fright, luckily I was fine. I was suffering badly and tried everything from primrose to camel dung (well perhaps not, but I would have done anything!). By chance, I went into the little health place round bus station in Bedford. He was super... Magic!! He ( yes a man that understood women suffer) asked how many 'flushes a day i was having...I told him 'guess.... i am now called LOO'. I was having so many flushes ;) He suggested the Arkopharma Phyto soya double strength... A couple of weeks saw them subsiding.. A month, they were virtually gone!! They were my magic bullets and saved my sanity, that was much needed with so much going on around us.

    I have walked the hot coals, got the t shirt, burned it and emerged now ready to enjoy my 'retirement. ?? Well wait for my pension if it ever materialises,. I get self inflicted flushes now because I am on the go permanently ;) I haven't taken them for ten yrs now, but they were my sanity. If your primroses don't brighten your life a little, give them a try xx

    had never seen them before i took them, but loads of places do them now. Just check prices...

  2. Hi Ruth thanks for this I am going to phone my nurse and ask her if I can take these. Having a hot flush as I type .........xxx