Saturday, 22 December 2012

All I want for Christmas is a new boob...........

So here I am three days before Christmas up and about and more or less pain free. ( I have my medication under control) A little bit blonder ( Courtesy of Carrie from Hair Perfection) and a little bit wiser. I've got ruby red glittery nails ( Courtesy of Donna of Smart nails) and I'm feeling more or less normal.

I've spent far to much money on presents for some people and not enough for others - just blame the drugs. However I have managed to sit on the floor and wrap them, but its escaped me to post any Christmas cards to anyone. I wrote lists for the food and "to do lists" I managed to catch up with East Enders and paid all the bills but I forgot to send out the blooming Christmas cards! All the food and booze has now been purchased but I know there still some bits I have forgotten - I just can't think what.
 My in laws have decided to come for Christmas dinner, not sure if you remember,  but my father in law was having a hard time after having Radiotherapy. They managed to drive over here last Sunday, they had hardly been out for weeks - my mother in law stated that Andrex can have their shares back now. However, we still ensured a safe path to our loo if he needed it while they were here. Anyway, over bacon sandwiches and mince pies we asked them if they would come for Christmas as always.  ( My Dad who is coming up for 80 is spending the day with my sister and my nieces are probably spending it with boyfriends. Mum lives in New Zealand so that's not going to happen. How time change.) Anyway, the proviso is that we get in plenty of toilet roll and I don't lift a finger to cook as Andrew and my mother in law have agreed to make the dinner between them. I hesitantly agreed but as I've always maintained - no one touches the roast potatoes. THAT IS MY JOB. No cancer or anything else for that matter is going to stop me from making the roasties, no man or beast dare even try!

I've been to the hospital twice this week, once to have my dressings changed - thank god, and again yesterday for my results. The surgeon ( who took away the cancer and lymph nodes) asked to take a look, so after all the dressings were taken off the words " Look at that" made my eyes water. I cannot believe how fantastic my breast looks. Everything has taken and the skin that was cut from my back has blended in and made my breast look wonderful. My side and armpit are still really swollen, and my back where they took the muscle and the skin still really hurts, however everything is coming together really well. My arm where the nerve and lymph nodes have been removed, is getting better every day. I can lift my arm above my head and the feeling is slowly coming back, but the best thing is that they got all the cancer. The tumour that they took out of the breast was 8cm, but only 4 out of 10 of the lymph nodes were infected. Basically this means that the cancer didn't spread to anywhere else.
I will still have to have chemotherapy and other treatments, but the cancer I have will be receptive to hormone drugs which is great news, so there is a good chance that I can be cured. Obviously I will have to wait 5 years to hear that news but with all the checks and treatment coming up I am very hopeful.
I see the oncologist the day after Boxing day to find out when treatment starts,  but until then life is good.
I'll also get an appointment with the plastic surgeon within the next month so he can see his amazing work. I then get to discuss having a new nipple. Apparently a machine can tattoo the areola - how amazing is that?

The day after coming out of hospital I  booked a hall and I've arranged a New Years eve party, so all the wonderful people that are in our life can all get together. I figure that by then even I can look half decent if I get a dress that covers my boob but still shows that I've got two! Also I want to end the year on a good note and maybe I'll be well enough to have a bit of a boogie! After all you've got to look forward, haven't you!

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  1. That was great news, Wendie! I’m so glad that you’re doing fine now. It takes some courage and determination before laying your back over the table. Anyway, I hope that second operation was successful. Just keep us updated!

    Dennis Rode